Hungry Shark World Game Review

Guess whose back? The sharks are back! Future games of London made a game series, Hungry Shark World, Prior to 2013’s Hungry Shark Evolution. This was released on May 15 of this year in London. The game was such a hit that in less than a week, it reached to 10 million downloads! What’s great too was that Discovery Shark’s Week partnered with them bringing such awesome content and encouraged a lot more people to play the game?

This game has In-App Purchases and it lets you to buy Gems (the rarer commodity) and Gold, the game’s currency, with real life money. Gold and Gems may also be collected without requiring purchases.

Hungry Shark World is available in English, Italian, French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

This game contains advertising.
You can disable advertising when you purchase through in app.

The game is pretty easy to play once you get the hang of it and with its daily challenges, you get to look forward to playing every day! You can get it for free, and yes! For free! On Google play or app store, and the game is available for androids and iOS.

hungry shark world game review

The whole concept of the game is to get the player’s shark to eat as many fishes, golden creatures, humans (target with the highest value) or other marine creatures as one can, while avoiding creatures or objects that bring the shark’s health level down, to be able to get money for upgrades, maps or accessories that will help the shark complete every succeeding level. Once the shark stops eating, its health points go down, so the player needs to get his or her shark to be constantly eating. It gets more difficult in every level so the player has to make sure he or she gets those upgrades, increase his or her shark’s speed, bite, and boost stats. To keep things more challenging, in each level are five missions that the player can accept and get rewards from, that is if he or she finds the chest for each mission in that level and completes it.  The value increases with each succeeding chest. There are maps you can buy from the personal shark menu to help you check the location of the things you need to find, the only thing is that you have to unlock those maps before being able to use them and you have to have enough coins to be able to purchase them but do not worry because there are a lot of ways to get those currencies up. You can also choose the location of your game from. The shark’s roaming limits are the far left and far right, the ocean floor and the sky.

On the press of the play button, the game initiates with a loading screen. Shown on the loading screen are tips on things you can do on the game, and things that you need to know, so keep a look out for those useful information to help you earn more coins, level up successfully or purchase some pretty useful things. Once it ends loading, the shark falls from the sky and into the ocean that is when the player can start playing.

The features include:

> Facebook synchronization to post the pictures you took of your progress on your Facebook profile.

> Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards enabled.

> Three different but beautiful locations. The Arctic Ocean, a frozen land with a secret military base and a guarded testing facility, the Pacific Island, an always sunny tourist spot and the Arabian Sea, rich with industrial landscape.

> 19 species of sharks to collect in 7 tiers.
> 20 different types of missions to master, high scores to attain and specific preys to hunt.

> To level up as a predator or boost your power, unlock pets and level up your boost, speed and bite stats.
> To help you increase your hi-scores and your money, there are combo bonuses and gold rushes.
> If you find all the letters of the word hungry, you get to activate your supersize.

Hundreds of different preys to eat and enemies to avoid.

Different stylish accessories and gadgets to help you with your eating adventures!
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To keep you going, I like how every 24-hours there is a contest you can join its much like the missions. There will be a timer to tell you how long the game has before it totally ends. Another one that can get your competitiveness out, aside from the contests, they also have special events you can join in on. A message will pop up your screen if it is live. The message will contain the name of the event, the task you need to do and the prizes you can win from this event. There will be a green icon you can press, under the word “evolve”, to check your current score and your ranking. With it will be the time counter that tells the remaining time for the event. If you get to the top of the leader board, you get free stuff like unlocking all your sharks!


The 3D graphics and animation is so great, it makes my eyes sparkle. The music in every specific location fits really well with the game especially, the spooky one at the shipwreck but, just like everything, this game has its limits. In the beginning, it is as fast as a dream. The game is updated regularly with new contents, features and challenges but, I’m afraid, it starts collecting bugs with every update, making the game load for a longer time, lagging and slowing it down. It’s a bit tiresome to play a laggy game that kicks you out. The worst is, after you have entered the selection menu, forced ads pop up and you get no benefit after watching it. Another thing, the game series has been on the market for 6 years and well, I was expecting that somehow they have done their research and for some upgrades, they would have been able to include more aggressive sharks that are not planktivores and krill eaters.

Over all, this game is pretty neat to play. I would definitely recommend playing it, besides, you won’t have to pay anything because it’s free. Over 10 million people already have, why you don’t.

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