Hungry Shark World For Beginners

Beginners Guide For Hungry Shark World : Newbie Friendly

Prior to Hungry Shark Evolution, Hungry Shark World is a game series of Hungry Shark made by Future Games of London. It was released at 12 Midnight of the 5th if May, 2016 in London.

This game can be played on Android, iOS. This is a very fun and easy game to play. You’ll definitely enjoy your time once you start playing! To tell you about the game in general, it is played in sessions and the goal in each session is to survive as long as you can by eating everything in the Shark’s diet before it dies of hunger, at the same time, completing the missions and collecting some coins for purchasing to make each level more interesting. There are daily chest goodies if you complete daily challenges so it’ll definitely help you look forward to tomorrow!

Hungry shark world beginners guide


How to Play the Game Efficiently

The game starts when the player presses the play button. While the game is loading, the screen shows you certain tips on different things you can do on the game. As the game finishes loading, the player can start playing as soon as the shark drops from the sky and into the water.


  1. The main goal of the game is to eat as many fish as one can. The health points decreases if the player stops eating or has not eaten for a while, eventually goes critical and die.
  2. Three boxes are shown before each level. These are the player’s missions. In each box a certain task. A player is rewarded with each completed mission. A new one is given ones a mission is completed.
  3. Touch the screen to get the shark moving. Every time the player touches any part of the screen, a virtual D-pad will appear to help guide him or her with the movement of the shark. The shark that the player is controlling can start eating as soon as a marine creature or human is near its mouth.
  4. If a player sees a school of fish, he or she should try to eat them all to get special bonuses just like the “school’s out” to increase his or her score.
  5. There are certain things or marine creatures to avoid contact with, as these are detrimental to the shark’s health. Avoid creatures that are too big for your current shark level, jellyfishes, as they are crippling to the shark’s health, and bombs. For beginners, speed away from sharks by using your burst control if your shark gets near it. Be careful with scuba divers because they carry knives and they usually decrease your health points, as well when they cut you.
  6. Sometimes, you’ll see a notification that will let you know if the marine animal you are trying to devour is too big for you. Keep those creatures in mind and distance yourself. Otherwise, you will decrease your health points. Sometimes, a different notification will appear, noting the minimum level of the shark the player has to reach to be able to consume a creature it currently is not able to. you can also follow the review for the game which has enough information to get you started.

 hungry shark world top 10 tips and tricks

Tips And Tricks You Need To Know:

  1. There are 5 collectible daily chests throughout each level. The first one you will be able to open contains 500 coins. The successive chests you find will be more valuable with the final chest to have 2,100 coins but this is only for the Pacific Islands which means the other islands can have better rewards so try to scan every little part and quickly because after some time, the chests disappear and you will not be able to access them until the next day.
  2. To get a higher score a multiplier can be activated if the player is able to eat quickly in a succession and it will be seen at the top left. The player has to constantly eat creatures in succession to keep the multiplier.
  3. The gold rush bar is seen at the bottom of the screen. Once the player fills it by eating fish, he or she will see a golden sea creature or a golden human. Gold colored fish or humans instantly gives the player more gold and can activate the Gold Rush by pressing the activate button when it is filled.
  4. Aside from obtaining gold from the above mentioned, the player can also get more gold by completing daily missions, Gold Survival Bonus increase through extending survival time long enough, and eating floating objects except the bomb.
  5. To unlock items for purchase, the player needs to reach a threshold with his or her shark and that means, don’t hold on to your money! Do not be afraid to upgrade because it will help you score high.
  6. As each shark level increases, the shark diet also increases, allowing the shark to eat a lot more marine creatures on the map.
  7. The shark has three stats and these are Boost, Bite and Speed. Boost, Bite and Speed helps the player chew through prey faster, increases the player’s boost meter, and increases the player’s shark’s general speed, consecutively. These stats are represented by numbers and a certain shark with coins can upgrade these stats for a number of times. It is better to level them up equally because they are all helpful.
  8. A map comes with each level. If the player has unlocked the map of the location where he or she is in, it can be purchased at the personal shark menu, and that is when the player will be able to see the boundaries. Those boundaries are the sky, the ocean floor, the far left and right. The maps are a bit expensive but totally worth it. The map can show the player each letter of the word HUNGRY and each the daily chest’s exact location if the player fully upgrades a map.
  9. The supersize mode is activated if you find all the letters in the word HUNGRY. It will you’re your shark grow three times as big and allow the player’s shark to eat just about anything.
  10. You can always use hungry shark world hack and cheats tool to get free game resources in the game, Which will save tons of money while playing the game.


Features of the game

  1. Menu

The game also has different kinds of menus. The game menus are the settings menu, the map selection menu, the shark menu and the personal shark menu. The settings menu helps the player adjust the music volume, view support, credits, change the language, select the blood mode and cloud saves. The map selection menu will allow the player to select a location from three, he or she wants to play in. The player may also check the 3 current missions he or she has, and also check the leaderboards on this menu. The shark menu is where the player can choose and buy different kinds of sharks in the game, and lastly, the personal shark menu is where the player will be able to upgrade his or her shark, and customize the shark he or she has chosen, adding pets, accessories, gadgets or maps.


  1. Currencies

There are two currencies, gems and coins, for shopping upgrades or accessories and other things. The coins are earned by eating marine animals in a gold rush, gold creatures or humans or by using real money. They are used for the purchase of non-premium items. On the other hand, the gems can be earned by eating fishes that glow purple, gem fishes or by using real money. The gems are used for premium items like map upgrades.

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